Rock Out Censorship has a full-time advertising representative position open immediately for an ambitious person experienced in the area of banner advertising sales. We pay a 20% commission rate for all banner ad sales generated for our site, so if you are good at what you do, this can easily develop into a full-time position. Our site is currently generating enough traffic to support enough ads that if the advertising representative we choose is able to sell out all available ad slots, then the 20% commission we pay will equate to a very well paying full time salary. But the key for us is finding the right individual with the right level of experience and skill in the field.

We invite all interested applicants for the position of advertising representative for Rock Out Censorship to fill out and submit our volunteer form (be sure to check the ad rep box), and then follow up by e-mailing a resume with full details of all your advertising sales experience to

Note that this is not a position where you must drop everything you are doing to come onboard with us full-time. We are willing to give the flexibility to allow our eventual advertising representative to start slowly and build things up to a point where it will develop into a full-time position. In allowing this flexibility, we just require some immediate results so that we know that things will get to that point, both for your sake with regard to payment and ours with regard to your being able to generate the advertising revenue needed to further build our organization.

If you have any questions regarding the Rock Out Censorship advertising representative position, please contact us at and we'll be happy to address any concerns.

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