ROC was deeply saddened by the passing of punk rock legend Joey Ramone. Joey was a big voice against the evil forces of censorship early-on, from the stage circa 1990 against Tipper Gore and her PMRC ( to granting THE ROC an exclusive interview in 1992 ( A photo of Joey (wearing the infamous FUCK THE PMRC T-shirts) with ROC's John Woods can be seen at

JOEY RAMONE: POLITICAL? After hitting Ronald Reagan for visiting a Nazi grave site ("Bonzo Goes to Bitburg") and taking part in the anti-apartheid "(We Ain't Gonna Play) Sun City" project in the '80s with the likes of Bob Dylan and Steven Van Zandt, Joey Ramone continued to insert political content to his music, as noted by THE NATION Online obit:

"...focusing in particular on the constraints big business had placed on media and music, and on censorship. On the 1992 album, "Mondo Bizarro," for instance, he attacked Tipper Gore's music labeling proposals as "un-American policy" and declared, "Hey, hey, all you senator's wives/Better take a look at your own lives/Before you go preaching at me."

The chorus to Joey Ramone's anti-censorship tune spoke volumes about the ideological side of a man who may not always have been politically correct, but who always seemed to get to the political point: "Ah, Tipper, come on," he wrote of the whole labeling controversy, "It's just a smokescreen for the real problems: S&L deficit, the homeless, the environment."

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