Welcome to the 6th ROC News ELECTRONIC BULLETIN. We've been away from the e-zine scene for a while and it's time to DO IT again!

ROC stands for Rock Out Censorship!, a non-profit, grass-roots resource/activist group for free expression in music and the arts. Since 1989 R.O.C. has monitored attempts to chill free speech and works with others to confront/ counter those attempts. Through the '90s we published the notorious tabloid THE ROC (back issues accessible at R.O.C. today operates the ROCNews Service -with dispatches from the anti-censorship front -at . Tell your friends to sign up for ROC News dispatches at or by e-mailing us at



Thanks all who came to the STEAL THIS MOVIE benefit Northeast Ohio premiere screening for Rock Out Censorship. Thanks also to the Cinematheque in the Cleveland Institute of Art for hosting the event and to SCENE, FREE TIMES, WMMS and Canton's ROCK 1-07 for all the great plugs for the show. Benefit proceeds helped offset expenses involved in taking the R.O.C. table on the Ohio leg of Ozzfest 2000 (printing a 12-paged ROC News for distribution, etc.) Steal This Movie is of course the story of 1960s anti-war hero ABBIE HOFFMAN who never stopped short in challenging society's boundaries of so-called "permissible" free speech. Friends of Abbie's like Yippie satirist extraordinaire Paul Krassner and Al Giordano ( have expressed concern over historical errors and other problems with the film, but we, like Yippie co-founder Stew Alpert ( rather LIKED it. How can we not dig seeing a handy --albeit admittedly flawed (what film ain't?)--reference for young people who ask "who is Abbie Hoffman?" ROC's Randy Payton profiles the famed radical in THE ROC #9 (at Steal This Movie is now available on video and DVD.



"One weekend. Hundreds of people. Thousands of projects. Infinite inspiration." UPCON2001 is a conference for zinesters, librarians, web designers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, academics, street theorists, readers, and writers. June 23-24, 2001, Bowling Green, OH. Discussions, presentations, and workshops by and for people who create and participate in the world of alternative media.

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