Dave Marsh, Lee Ballinger, Danny Alexander and the guys at ROCK & RAP CONFIDENTIAL have always been in the forefront of anti-censorship struggle in the U.S., particularly when right wing Elmer Gantrys go after music, from Two Live Crew to Eminem today. Marsh's 50 WAYS TO FIGHT CENSORSHIP is a classic call to freedom fighting, a rocking COMMON SENSE while the R&R CONFIDENTIAL newsletter consistently NAMES NAMES and takes no prisoners. They now host a website that asks the question "WHY DO WE NEED THE MUSIC INDUSTRY?". Rock Out Censorship has stood from day one for musicians and other artists seizing control over their lives and work (at the pivotal "point of production") as the ultimate guarantee against censorship, and couldn't recommend the new site (at http://www.rockrap.com/nomusicbiz/index.html) higher. Below is their statement about the new site.

"Thanks so much for spamming me. I cruised through your site and was amazed by all you have."--Tom Hoobler, Soley Duncan Band, Phoenix

"This site is the shit. How did it evade my peeping eyes all this time?"--Moses Avalon, author of Confessions of a Record Producer

The answer to the question "Why Do We Need the Music Industry" only begins with the possibilities for musician and fan controlled recording and distribution created by new technologies. The full story of why we need a new way of getting music where it needs to go includes everything from payola to corporate censorship to the institutionalized cheating of artists.

At Rock & Rap Confidential's new website, "Why Do We Need the Music Industry?" (at http://www.rockrap.com/nomusicbiz/index.html) we have begun to put together a full picture of just how obsolete and worthless the music industry has become. The site includes commentary by the likes of Tom Morello, Prince, Pete Seeger, Ice T, Patti Smith, Chuck D, Roger McGuinn, Branford Marsalis, Pete Townsend, and Steve Albini. We also hope it can become a place where new visions of how to create and distribute music in the interest of artists and fans will emerge.

Please check it out. If you have anything to say on the topic, send it to us. If you know of links we should add, let us know. If there are quotes or articles or sound bites we should post, please forward them.


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