We would like to ask each person that visits the Rock Out Censorship page and has an interest in actively protecting Freedom of Speech and Expression to subscribe to the Rock Out Censorship Activist Mailing List. To subscribe, merely click here and follow the instructions on our subscription page.

When you subscribe, you will receive periodic updates on important censorship issues across the country. It will be through these updates that the greatest level of "in their face" activism will be conducted by Rock Out Censorship and our subscribers. So we are calling on each of you that choose to subscribe to be prepared and willing to assist us in whatever protests we stage through the net.

Here is an example of how our site, combined with our Activist Mailing List, can work to end incidents of censorship anywhere. Suppose, for example, R.O.C. receives an incident report from a kid in Anytown, U.S.A. claiming that he was suspended from school for having a mohawk. We deem this to be a perfect example of a government (in this case the school adminstration) abusing its power to suppress Freedom of Expression. Once we receive full documentation from the student proving that the incident is indeed legitimate, we can then begin the process of fighting on his behalf.

We will contact the school administrator responsible for the suspension and get his/her e-mail address. Then we will put together an incident update to send out to everyone on the mailing list. In this incident update we will give a one or two paragraph description of the incident and why we feel this incident is a violation of Constitutionally protected rights. Then we will describe what we feel would be the best course of action for our Activist Protesters to take. Often this will involve massive e-mail campaigns against the person responsible for the infringement on our rights.

Using our example, picture what will happen if the school administrator in Anytown, U.S.A. goes to check their e-mail and thousands of letters begin downloading expressing utter contempt for their Un-American policy resulting in the child's suspension. This would be an incredibly strong statement they couldn't ignore. Needless to say, depending on how they handle things, it could become quite a nightmare for them.

With this method of protest, we will hit them in two ways: (1) We will express MASSIVE public resistance to their policy, which by itself could serve to change the policy; and (2) We will cause quite a headache (both in volume of messages and in PR nightmares) for those that trash our First Amendment rights if their Un-American policy is not reversed.

This is just one example of how our Activist Subscriber list can be utilized to make a huge national impact on ANY issue of censorship, no matter how great or how small. We could stage similar e-mail protests to elected officials, corporate executives, or to anyone at any level that does not fully respect our Constitutionally guaranteed rights and actively seeks to restrict freedom of expression.

If you are not prepared to commit to such action in support of Freedom of Speech and Expression, then don't even bother to subscribe. We do not want people who are not prepared to help solve the problems. Our subscriber list will bring to your e-mailbox what we feel will be absolutely the EASIEST form of massive effective protest ever put together. We will lay it out for you and all you will have to do is click a button, type one or two sentences, send it away, and your presence will instantly be felt in joining thousands of other concerned citizens in the condemnation of governmental violations of First Amendment rights or corporate policies that fly in the face of the American spirit of freedom.

We simply ask that when you send your responses to these people conducting the censorship, please take the time to construct an intelligent, well-written response that will show them the error of their ways. We know that many of you will want to send hate mail, threats, and "Fuck You" letters to the censors, and we understand your absolute rage, but we have found letters such as these are counterproductive. While we maintain the hard-hitting attitude in our reporting of what is going on, and encourage you to maintain your anger toward the censors; when dealing with specific incidents, we have found it works better to first explain why we feel their policy is wrong in an intelligent manner. This way we give them every opportunity to change their policy BEFORE we get really angry.

The reason for this is we have found that many of the would-be censors in America are simply acting according to what they perceive the public desires. If enough people stand up to them and present their case for freedom, often the censors will back down. If truth and reason fail, however, then it will be time bring the rage down upon them. When it is time to let the hate mail fly, we will post a message letting you know the situation has deteriorated to that point. In ALL instances though, we, in no uncertain terms, strongly discourage physical threats because (1) they'll get you thrown in jail and we don't need that, (2) they will not accomplish anything, and (3) they are stupid and a tactic of the truly weak.

For the same reasons, we strongly ask that you refrain from conducting any acts of mailbombing, e-mailing multiple copies to the same address, or other attempts to deliberately try to knock them off the net. Please keep it to one protest letter per address on each of the situations that arise. Any acts falling outside the bounds of such legitimate e-mail protest are categorically discouraged by Rock Out Censorship as methods we do not need to win this battle for our freedom. Such acts will instead serve to anger those we are attempting to persuade and will ultimately lead to our own failure. Let our strength be in sheer numbers of legitimate protest letters to accomplish our goals and let us not lower ourselves to resort to dishonorable tactics in the process.



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