Kenny Moore - Webmaster, Site Developer, Internet Research Manager, Grunt Worker, and a man with too many titles for his own good.
John Woods - THE ROC Editor and R.O.C. Co-Founder, El Supreme Enchilada
Randy Lee Payton - R.O.C. Co-Founder
Chris "Flashback" Brinegar - CGI Programmer Extrordinaire
Paula Bailey - Technical Advisor, Internet Research Assistant
Shane Pilster - HTML Assistant and gracious long-term housing of site version 1.0
Deadlock the Feral - ImageMap Coding
Todd Wiese - Internet Research Assistant, Staff Writer
Jon Konrath - HTML Assistant
Nik Chevalier - Graphics Design (metallic lettering and burning constitution)
Jeff Alexander - Staff Writer
Rose Windsor - Staff Writer
Traci Norton - Internet Research Assistant
Heather Bailey - Proofreader
Russ Austin - Proofreader

Thanks also to the following for their support and assistance in the development of this site:
Min Hwang, Selena Cunningham and C. Leonhardt at Dandy Net, Vicki Martin, Michael Scott, Dennis Franco, Jane Corser, Chris Brinegar, Jon Fore, Randy Messer, Bob Cartee, and Jose Ramos at NetPassage Inc., Dave Marsh & Lee Ballinger at Rock and Rap Confidential, Nina Crowley at the Mass. Music Industry Coalition, Jim Tremlett, Gregg Lee, Jim Hayek & Scott Waggoner at Performance Magazine, Sabrina Steen at Buzz, Mike Mooney, Neal Nachman, Ben Markeson at The Orlando Reporter, Charlie Scherker, Dena Whitebirch, and George M. Ellenburg at Infinite Space Systems, David Wasserman with Friends of the First Amendment, David Meeks, Mark Padgett, Frank Cervasio, Mario Lombardo, Tim Tremblay (thanks for the tunes, dude!), Bill Csepely, Tambre Bryant, Michael Flocken, Chad, Aldon Jarrett, Cathy Williams, Scott Levison, and everyone participating in our link exchange project.

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