Within this section you will find Rock Out Censorship's step-by-step guide to influencing your elected officials to defeat any legislation that would undermine our First Amendment rights. We will take you through the process in an easy to follow manner that will allow you to add your input to the current political realm. We hope that, through this section of our site and through our subscriber mailing list, we can galvanize the entire internet music community into a political force that CANNOT be ignored. One person's e-mail of opposition may not have much impact on the politicians bent on doing away with Freedom of Speech. However, if we flood their computers with thousands of e-mails against any legislation designed to curtail our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, they will certainly take notice. After all, their sole reason for existence is to get re-elected isn't it?

Also within this section, you will find an extensive listing of links to other activism related sites, as well as a listing of political parties to choose from. These other sites will help educate you in areas of Constitutional Law, Legislative Information, Election Information, and much more. Towards that end we have also included a Know Your Rights section where we include text of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution as well as the rights spelled out in all 50 State Constitutions. We strongly encourage you to fully learn about your rights, then visit each of the sites of the political parties, learn about the detailed platforms and agendas of each party, and decide which party best represents you and will work to preserve your rights as citizens. Because of the fact that we are unable to endorse any political party (rules of the game for non-profit groups), we have decided that we would best serve our readers by including links to all the legitimate political parties we could find on the web.

While we wholeheartedly support the whole MTV and Rock The Vote "Choose or Lose" campaign to register voters, we cannot in good conscience let you leave this site without saying that in our current political climate we are facing a situation more like "Choose AND Lose". Encouraging people to vote is nothing but a "feel-good" exercise in participation unless a real difference is made in the running of the country.

The current corrupt world of politics is not providing a true choice among candidates. Between the Democrats and Republicans, we are constantly facing the decision between the lesser of two evils, both of which are run by big money special interest groups and corporations. The more you study the two parties, the more you realize that they are basically acting as one party and using their partisan arguing to smokescreen the public as to their true motivations, usually to the detriment of our freedoms.

In other words, publicly the two parties scratch, claw, kick and scream at each other, but privately, they are in bed together in their attempts to strip away our Constitutional rights and create a system of governmental control like never seen before in this supposedly free country. If you don't believe that this is the case, then ask yourself why are the many legitimate third party candidates kept out of the nationally televised political debates (other than Ross Perot who bought his way in)? Why has the FCC waived the equal access to the media provision for all legitimate candidates so that the mega-media conglomerates can give free air time to only the Democrats and Republicans?

The liberal Democrats scream "We musn't offend anyone, we must be politically correct" while the conservative Republicans shout "Stop the obscene speech and entertainment!" Rock Out Censorship says to our public servants "SHUT UP, respect the Constitution and keep all the power of choice with the people where it belongs!"

Between the two major parties, we are no longer deciding which party is acting in our best interest, we are deciding which party will do the least amount of damage to our fundamental rights. In a nation of over 250 million people, we at Rock Out Censorship feel that, as Americans, we should not have to settle for this lesser of two evils. We strongly urge everyone to seek out a third party to cast your vote for other than the Democrats and Republicans; hopefully a party that respects the Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms laid out in the Bill of Rights, and one that will work on behalf of all citizens of this country, not just the elitists that are financing their campaigns.

BEWARE OF THOSE THAT CLAIM THEY ARE ONLY TRYING TO PROTECT YOU AND TO INCREASE SECURITY! It is they that we will need to be protected from in the future if we continue to allow our rights to be taken away.





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