Here is a listing of all the political parties we could find on the net. We would like to make this disclaimer that we do not endorse any of the parties listed, but are merely listing all the parties we could find to provide the broadest educational base for the political arena that we can. Some of you, along with R.O.C., will find some of the opinions espoused by the parties listed here to be reprehensible. It is our opinion that even if you vehemently disagree with a party's platform and agenda, you are better off as a person to know what is out there. No harm ever comes from gaining knowledge (it is only what you do with that knowledge that may cause problems).

The check icon indicates that R.O.C. feels this party's platform is decidedly friendly to freedom of speech. Parties without icons indicate either an ambivalent attitude toward freedom of speech, a lack of sufficient knowledge on our part to make a legitimate assessment, or a decidedly anti-free speech track record. Again, these are not endorsements of any specific party, merely tools to steer you toward "free-speech friendly" politics.

Political Party Sites

checkAlameda County Peace and Freedom Party
The American Independent Party
The American Party
American Reform Party
Communist Party U.S.A.
The Constitution Party
checkThe Constitutionalist Party
The Democratic National Committee
Democratic Socialists of America
Freedom Socialist Party
checkGreen Party
Independent American Party
checkThe Labor Party
checkLibertarian Party
checkThe Light Party
The Natural Law Party of the USA
The New Union Party
checkThe New Party
checkPPPP--The Pansexual Peace Party Pages
Prohibition Party Home Page
Official Reform Party Home Page
Republican National Committee -- Republican Main Street!
Socialist Labor Party of America
Socialist Party USA
The Southern Party
Workers Party, U.S.A.
checkWorkers World Party

If you know of any additional valuable political party resources on the WWW, let us know about them. We ask you use the following format for submitting new URL's to add to the political parties links section. For the subject, we ask you to select ADDITION. For the section, select ACTIVISM CENTRAL. Then type the URL's along with the site titles and/or descriptions in the body of the message.

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